A Bioavailable Match Made in Heaven: MCT & CBD

At Alta, we are invested in maximizing the benefits of our products to offer clients the greatest amount of restoration and rejuvenation in the body-mind system. In this blog, we wanted to explain why we created a line of tinctures with MCT at their base.

Benefits of MCT

MCT serves the body as sources of rapid energy, immunity boosters, accelerators of metabolic health, and as healthy weight maintainers.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are lipid molecules most often created by rearranging the carbon atoms in oils such as coconut. Unlike dietary saturated fats (the long-chain versions) once absorbed in your body, MCT follows the venous system and enters the liver directly. Rather than travelling through the lymphatic system, they beeline for your liver, where they can be readily oxidized and rapidly absorbed by the body. What remains turns into ketones – the chemicals produced when the liver breaks down fats into fuel. Ketones are different than other fatty acids because they can reroute from blood to brain in the same way that sugar does. When CBD is suspended in MCT, it travels these same fast tracks: winding up, at the head of the game, the top of your central nervous system.

As a Carrier Oil: MCT is Top of Its Class for Bioavailability

When you take any medication or supplement not all of it is utilized by the body. Obstacles to absorption such as food intake, concurrent medications, even bacteria along the digestive tract, can alter the effectiveness. Bioavailability is the percentage of an administered dose that reaches the bloodstream; meaning more of the substance is able to be processed and used within the body. MCT is a dutiful binding agent for CBD. Fat-soluble cannabinoids link up with these fatty acids to avoid the first pass metabolism process and allows a greater concentration to be absorbed by the bloodstream.

Get the Most from Your Dose

If you are curious about how to further increase bioavailability, consider a new dosing practice. Rather than having CBD enter your metabolic system, consume the oil sublingually. Sublingual, is a method of administering substances via the mouth in such a way that the substances are rapidly absorbed by blood vessels under the tongue instead of through the digestive tract. When you dose directly to the sublingual gland, beneath your tongue, hold it there as long as possible to increase the rate of absorption. This provides direct access and impacts the system quick and effectively.