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Focus the mind!

Working from home is becoming harder and harder every day. The sun is coming out. Distractions are found in all the small things. Motivation is dropping by the second. But the work needs doing and to help focus my mind, I recently got. Alta’s Motivate drops. I use them whenever I can feel the day ahead is going to be long and unproductive (which is most days at the moment) and it is really helping focus my mind and not let the anxiety and stress of how much there is to do get to me! Plus, it tastes good and supports an Irish business!

Achy joints

I work long hours at a computer and tend to experience stiffness in my hands, the last couple of weeks i have been using the Revive massage oil on my hands a couple times a day, i rup it deep into my joints and massage any excess into the base of my neck and shoulders. The massage oil has such a beautiful scent and calming effect when inhaled. I truly love this product and don't think I'll be able to be without it anymore.

So good!

Well worth buying this product. Will certainly be a repeat customer

love it!

nearly instant relief on tired muscles

Underlying Calm Feeling All Day

I bought this to help deal with everyday stresses and spiking anxiety caused by working from home and general lockdown oppression sending me gaga. Since starting the Focus Drops, I find myself to have an overall "calming hum" in my body and mind. Nothing stresses me as easily as it was, I do a lot less overthinking and I'm less reactive to things that would have spiked the anxiety. Will 100% be repurchasing!

No Doubt It Works

I have been using ALTA drop for a while now. It helps me a lot with my anxiety and stress. I workout a lot and I know when I take ATLA drops my recovery improves and I feel more ready for whatever training I have that day. I also wear a fitness tracker and log all my data and my recovery score is boost on average 16% when I take CBD. That is proof for anyone who is hesitant about buying from ALTA


I’ve wanted to try Alta CBD’s range of products for ages now, and wow they did not disappoint. The motivate drops have established themselves as my go to tonic for transitioning to a place of calm. I use them before bed, post exercise, pre yoga, post work - pretty much any time I need to naturally relieve the pent up stress/anxiety/agitation that accumulated during the day. Thank you Alta CBD!! ❤️

Muscle Mend

Muscle Mend Came to my rescue and along with Skin Salve both products have been so soothing following a very painful heel fracture. They are my new First Aid box must have essentials and I believe they have been very effective healing my poor heel. So easy to apply and vastly superior to other products in the market. I am delighted that a friend recommended them to me and feel the products are both helping my recovery.

My clients love it

I've been using cbd massage oil since Aug with my clients and they love it. Helps with inflammation and feel great leaving the session


highly recommend this product especially for cuts , blisters and bruises acts so fast , excellent product.

Excellent Product

Absolutely love this product, feel amazing different with leg muscles especially at night I used to suffer alot with cramps in foot or calf.

*chef's kiss*

I didn't think I'd feel anything but said I'd try it anyway since a friend recommended Alta and it's great to support small Irish companies. It trickled into effect until a couple weeks in it struck me how calm I felt all the time. It's like permanently being in a chill zen mindset. I have two chronic pain disorders that make me a storm of emotions all the time, especially when they flare up, but Motivate just keeps the sine wave needle of my mental state nice and gentle instead of swinging with abandon. It's kept me calm and capable throughout lockdown and I'll continue taking it for a long time! I also have taken HOURS to fall asleep since I was little, I'll lie there thinking for hours till it's light again. Now I'm asleep within an hour, which sounds like a long time to most people but for me it's a huge improvement.

Great product

I bought this for my husband after he had bruised his chest in a farm accident, he found this product very good at easing the pain and helped recovery.

Anxiety Relief and Productivity Boost

This product has been a true lifesaver these past few weeks. My anxiety has reached new levels since the latest lockdown... Constant chest tightness, racing heart, short of breath, can't sleep. Alta's Motivate blend has an effect almost immediately! I feel so much calmer and more in control.

It has had a huge impact on my work output as well... My productivity is incomparable to what it was a few weeks ago. This product has really helped me to find my focus and remain calm and in control when stressful situations arise.

A dream.

I've been using this for 10months, it smells divine. I put it on athlete's foot and it helps alot, also so good on blisters and open cuts. Helps them heel so fast.

A must have

Any soreness , tightness , ache , inflammation, this is my go to. My clients also LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Smells amazing and so easy use.highly recommended

Amazing product

I've been using alta drops for a year now and I love them. I take the drops for inflammation and pre match nerves. AMAZING!

Finally sleeping well

With all of the stresses of the current times, I had been finding it REALLY hard to switch my brain off at night and get a good night's sleep.

As a result, I was waking up exhausted, constantly feeling drained and lacking energy, and I had awful brain fog.

I've been taking the Rest drops for 3 weeks now, and my sleep has been INCREDIBLE. I drift off almost immediately, and I wake naturally at 6am ready to bounce out of bed! My work performance has never been so good and my overall energy and mood is amazing!

I would recommend this product to EVERYONE. It has been a game changer for my whole life.

Excellent product

I am recovering from a lower back injury and my muscles were very sore and ache all the time. I starting using muscle mend about a month ago. Its excellent I used it twice a day it has given me fantastic relief I don’t have soreness or aches anymore and now only put it on once a day and somedays I don’t need it at all. Straight away when you massage it in it gives that cooling effect. I've had a few headaches and massaged it into my forehead and my headache eased without taking painkillers. I also love the smell. Fantastic product all round.

Life Changing

This product has been life changing. I am so thankful I found this, as someone who has been suffering with headaches for years a few times a week due to a benign brain tumor this has helped me so much. Instead of Buplex or Nurofen I have been rubbing the skin salve on my neck when I feel a headache coming on and it stops it in its tracks! It has been almost two weeks now and I feel wonderful. It has also helped a ton with aches in my shoulders from tension.

Helps deal with stress

I’ve used Alta’s CBD oil and it’s helped me manage day to day work stress by being able to keep an even flow through the day, not get so stressed so quickly etc. This has helped me perform better at work and generally feel better with more clarity and energy instead of being stressed with anxiety daily which then impacts overall health (joint pain, illness). It’s a high quality I can trust.

Helps my Anxiety

This broad spectrum CBD oil helped greatly with my anxiety and eased muscle tension and headaches. It also helped with falling asleep and getting a good night's rest and with my pain associated with Interstitial Cystitis. CBD Repair helps with my anxiety and lessens the flares of IBS. It has helped me so much.

I love it!!!

Thank you for the trial! I could tell right away that I was going to love using this oil in my practice. I’ve been applying it on my clients for a few months now and they’ve grown accustomed to asking for the Alta Restore oil by name. They love the smell of the essential oils, aromatic, but not overpowering. 

Nothing Better

There is nothing better to soothe my muscles after a long day of climbing than the Muscle Mend. I find the combination of CBD and Arnica really helps with swelling and pain relief. Love the minty smell and cooling effect!

This really works well, I am off my medication, I have arthritis in my knee and I am walking again without limping, the stiffness is gone and stairs are not an issue anymore. Going for long walks again with my dogs. I am thrilled, and so are my dogs.

Thank you.

This product is so convenient to carry and use! I love it SO much! Not only does it smell fantastic, but it works almost instantly! It has helped cut down the use of pain killers quite substantially! I've recommended the product to so many friends and even now to my own mother who has arthritis but was also recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia.